Ice Cooling Mat Gel Ice Pack Gel Seat Cushion,Summer cold Chair Pads Cushions, Home Kitchen Chair for Office Chair,Game Chair, Car, Wheelchair,

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Product name: Gel seat Pad
Material:  Nylon, Polyester taffeta& PVC Sponges
Material: pure water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate
Printing: customizable
Size – weight: 23.5*19.5CM, 260G
Packing:OPP bag
Packing quantity: 40pcs
Outer box size: 43*25*23CM
Gross net weight of carton: 10.6/11.6kg
Processing mode: OEM&ODM
Production capacity: 10 million pieces/day
Minimum order quantity: 100PCS
Price range: $0.85 to $1.1
Delivery cycle: 15-25 days
Proofing fee: Free of charge

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    The inside of the ice pad is filled with ice beads, environmentally friendly materials, antibacterial and mildew-proof. Unlike the thinness of water and the complete solidity of ice sand, ice crystals will not flow freely in the pad, nor will it be completely solid. The pressure situation moves around. So when people sit on it or on the headrest, they don't feel that there is something resting on it at all.

    There are ventilation holes on the surface, air circulation inside and outside, the radiation is uniform, and the office is not tired.

    There is no need for a refrigerator in most areas, and it will automatically release heat when the room temperature is below 27 degrees Celsius. If in some hot areas, the room temperature is always above 27 degrees Celsius at night, please soak in cold water or cool in the refrigerator. This product has been waterproofed. After taking it out of the water, wipe it dry and use it.

    Since the temperature of the ice pad is set at 30 degrees Celsius, the human body feels cool in direct contact, but it will not cause people to catch cold or catch a cold due to long-term use. Please put another layer of cotton cloth when using it for the elderly, infants and the weak.

    Product Selling Point

    1. No power supply, no refrigeration, it is cold when used, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, save money and safety, and can also be used as bedding for baby beds,
    2. The polymer gel beads and the round holes in the middle of the product can effectively absorb heat and dissipate heat quickly, so that the body, the gel pad and the air can form good heat exchange and heat conduction, so as to achieve comfortable and effective cooling
    3. The surface is smooth and flat, can be bent and folded at will, not easily deformed, and easy to carry


    Do not touch sharp objects, do not touch open flames


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  • Item NO MN-BD601
    Color Customize according to Pantone
    Character Environmental protection, safety, reuse
    • Cool and comfortable, multi-purpose, cushion, ice pack

    Style simple
    Processing customized OEM&ODM
    manufacturing technique high frequency+sewing stitching
    production control The quality control process
    Trade properties foreign trade
    country of origin China