Cute Cooling Ice Eye Masks Cold/Hot Packs Reusable Gel Cooling Eye Mask Ice Cold Compress for Puffy Eyes

Short Description:

Material: Outside: PVC, elastic
INSIDE: Beads CMC water
Color: Customized color
Size: 19.5*7cm, 20.5*5cm,8*8cm, 8.5*5.5cm etc.
Weight: 18g, 15g,13g etc.
Package: Color box/PVC box or OEM package/OPP bag /PVC bag etc.
Function: Under Eye,Relax,Fine Lines
Feature: Non toxic and safe for sensitive skin.

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product description

ABOUT PRODUCT:  This is the eye mask set. They have the same series of prints.  reject a single color to make the eye mask look fashion.The eye mask has different sizes, the size of the eye patch is 8*8cm. According to the different use scenarios, the suit can meet different needs.  We can customize suits according to your needs, combine different products at will, and design patterns with your wonderful creativity  ,eye mask is crafted from medical soft plastic,It contains a moderate amount of liquid gel inside,which will not be heavy side to allow direct-skin use,and will massage your eyes in all respects

HOW TO USE :  Multiple Functions,shrink capillaries,tighten skin,and maintain facial skin elasticity,eliminate eye bags,dark circles,and enhance the smoothness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes,relieve brain fatigue syndromes such as migraine,neurasthenia,and insomnia,use with essence at the same time can accelerate the penetration of active ingredients

Dual Therapy of Cold and Hot Compresses:put it in the refrigerator,after pre-cooling (4-10 degrees refrigeration) for 30 minutes,you can wear it on the eyes.generally wear for 10-15 minutes to relieve puffy eyes,put the eye mask into a container with hot water for about 4-6 minutes,offering soothing pain relief and an all around relaxing experience.The gel eye mask can be used repeatedly,


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