How many R&D do you have? What about qualifications and experience?

We have 5 r&d staff, engaged in the cold and hot compress industry for 5-10 yeas.

Can the product be customized with LOGO?

Yes, we can customize the LOGO on all our products

How often does the company update its products?

Launch at least 2 new products per week.

What are the technical indicators of the company?

Outer material thickness error 0.01-0.02mm;  Product weight error: plus or minus 5 grams;  Color: more than 95%;  Pressure bearing: 50kg-80kg;  Temperature range: -25 degrees to 170 degrees.

What are the materials of the company's products?

The outer material generally has PVC, EVA, TPU, polyester spinning, crystal super soft, etc., the inner material has gel, condensation beads, volcanic mud, pottery, seeds, etc  

How does the company charge for the mold?

The mold fee is generally charged according to the product size, ranging from dozens to hundreds. The mold fee can be refunded if the order reaches 8000

What certifications have the company passed?

ISO13485,MSDS, EN-71,European standard ,California's 65,REACH

The company through which purchasers factory inspection?

BSCI, Li & fung. Disney

What is the company's production process?

What is the company's production process

How long is the normal product delivery period of company?

Within 500 ,7 days;  500-5000,15 days;  20-35 days for more than 5000 (the delivery time should also be confirmed according to whether the material is routine)  

What is the MOQ of the company?

Conventional grinding tools more than 100 can be produced, mainly according to the number of price decision!  

 How big is  company? What is the annual output value?

At present, 4132 square meters, we expand the scale to 18000 square meters in 2023, the current annual output value of 45 million YUAN  

What testing equipment does company have?

Pressure tester, needle tester, color tester, temperature hygrometer, tension tester, etc  

How long is the service life of your products?

It is generally sealed for 2-3 years, and the volatilization of the inner material in the air after unpacking is one square 4G(test data is available).

What are the specific categories of the company's products?

Ice eye mask, ice pad, wine bottle cooling , cooling srcaf, cold and hot pacj, handwarmer , biological ice bag and other cold and hot compress.  There are also ceramsite eye mask, seed eye mask, cloth eye mask and other sewing  

What are the payment methods of the company?

T/T; L/C

What is the specific content of the company's product manual?  What is the daily maintenance of the product?  

Instructions and details, please refer to the detailed description of each product

What is the history of the company?

The main leaders of our company have been engaged in the cold and hot pack industry for 15 years and are keen on new product development. In recent years, the company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to do new product research and development. It is expected to put into use the new factory by the end of 2022, which includes laboratory, dust-free workshop and a scale of 18000 square meters.  Will be based on price advantage, service advantage, quality advantage, innovation advantage.  

How does the company keep guest information confidential?

The company has a confidentiality agreement, all guests provide manuscripts and materials, all confidential time at least 2 years, during which no one is allowed to publish in the form of samples and pictures.  

What are the advantages of the company's products?

We are our own factory production, eliminating many intermediate links, the price has a great advantage