2021. Birthday wishes of Mone employees in November

Moen Industrial has been committed to employee care and tender management for a long time: activities around this theme include: employee compensation for serious illness, sympathy for difficulties and birthday wishes!

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There are 6 employees' birthdays in November, and each employee will be given a birthday wish of RMB 200. In the words of the staff, no matter how much money, things warm the heart.

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As an ice bag manufacturer, we put quality and reputation in the first place. How to achieve quality and reputation needs to rely on the joint efforts of all employees. A good working environment and good corporate culture are important factors to stimulate employees' enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. So we are committed to developing all kinds of preferential employee policies for a long time, so as to achieve the purpose of producing better products.Ninety percent of our employees have been there since we started the factory, which is a big motivation for us to expand capacity. Because as a production enterprise, in addition to getting the recognition of the guests, but also need the strong support of all the staff, no staff, there is no capacity, staff instability, capacity instability, quality instability. Therefore, the leadership of the company has consistently implemented the care for employees.Qur plan is: In addition to making special beauty ice packs, we will also expand pet ice packs, protective ice packs, wine case ice packs, medical ice packs, and various sewing products and pet toys. Hand in hand with customers, create brilliant hot and cold compress.

Post time: Dec-23-2021