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3. Soothes Injured Tissues, Joints, and Muscles

A cold compress can provide relief for sprains and bruises by reducing inflammation that causes pain. If you treat ankle sprains with a cold compress, it can take about a week to recover.
The therapy can also help with repetitive strain injuries like:
Plantar fasciitis – A swelling of the plantar fascia that joins the front of your foot and your heel, causing extreme heel pain
Shin splints – An inflammation of the bone tissue surrounding your tibia, tendons, and muscles
Cubital tunnel syndrome – Includes stretching or pressure on the ulnar nerve, causing weakness in the hand, pain in the forearm, or tingling and numbness in the small fingers
Trigger finger – Painful locking when you bend or straighten your finger
Tendonitis – A swollen tendon as a result of an injury

Post time: Oct-21-2022