Fire drill

1. Purpose of exercise
In order to effectively do a good job in the unit fire work, to ensure the safety of personnel, to understand the fire escape path of the unit, to train the emergency capacity in case of fire, earthquake and other emergencies, this fire drill is specially held.
2. Rehearse specific arrangements
Drill time: December 3, 2021
Drill site: Jiangsu Moen Industrial Co., LTD
Participants: all employees in the company

3. Fire drill process
(1) At 9:00, all personnel enter the drill state
(2) Alarm procedure: 9:10 security guard Xu Changwei found that the main engine of the fire control room showed that there was a fire in the workshop. Xu Changwei quickly confirmed with the workshop supervisor on the intercom that a fire broke out and the fire spread quickly and could not be controlled. Xu Changwei immediately notified the evacuation and fled on the radio.


(3) Evacuation evacuation: after receiving the broadcast notice of evacuation and escape, each part shall guide the personnel to evacuate to the safe area, escort the people with inconvenient behavior to evacuate, and then check whether the personnel remain indoors, settle the people who are evacuated from the fire area, and calm and stabilize the emotions. Those who cannot evacuate from the reserved fire escape can use towels, masks and other covers to cover their mouths and noses to evacuate from other places. The wooden partition in the middle of the two floors can be broken down in case of emergency.


(4) Security alert: the security guard is responsible for the perimeter of the plant, guiding vehicles to leave the scene, evacuating personnel to leave, ensuring that the fire passageway is unblocked for fire vehicles to enter and exit, and taking care of the objects evacuated from the fire;

(5) Drill and comment
After all personnel are gathered in the new safe place, the leaders will make comments on the fire drill, announce the end of the drill, and all departments will bring back in order.


Post time: Dec-23-2021