The 15th China(Ningbo) Factory Fair grandly held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 25-27th,November.

The salesman arrived in Ningbo on November 24th and entered the exhibition hall at 2pm on time to arrange the exhibition. The whole time of arranging the exhibition was controlled within 2 hours. After that, everyone cleaned up the site and prepared all the materials needed on 25th, and then went back to the hotel to have a rest!

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We will arrive at the exhibition hall at 8.30am on time on 25th, and the purchasers will arrive at the exhibition hall at about 10am. We have prepared a lot of new style ice bags, which have attracted a lot of customers' interest. We will serve every guest with full enthusiasm and solve the problems we met before with a professional level. Due to the large number of visitors, lunch was not finished until 2pm in turn! But none of us felt tired, Because the guests guests for our enthusiasm and professionalism to give a high evaluation!By the end of the day, 85 quality buyers were received, and 5 of them placed orders on the spot.

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26th morning still early admission, general exhibition second day passenger flow is the highest! Indeed, there were a lot of customers to visit early in the morning, among which the most impressed were two procurement from Beishun Company, who took 5 samples directly. Because we are the production of partial beauty ice bags, the customers were very happy, and the price and professional degree were recognized, and they placed orders on the spot! This day is really as busy as expected, a total of 132 guests were registered, among which 35 were very interested!On The 27th, we thought that there were no buyers because there was only half a day and Saturday, but unexpectedly, there were quite a few visitors, 45 registered!
As we participated in Ningbo Factory Exhibition for the first time, our professional level and focused attitude won many guests' praise, which also gave us great encouragement. I believe that as long as we put our heart into it, we will go further and further in the future and the road will be wider and wider! Ning Shang You can go out of the wider sky!

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PS:Jiangsu Moen Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sales of hot and cold packs, PVC gel ice eye masks, face cooling masks, hot cold compress therapy wraps, ice packs, wine cooling sleeves etc. We supply products to Disney, Avon, Watsons and other international brands, products are widely sold to North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and other countries.

Jiangsu Ning Shang you commodity Co., LTD is a sales company belonging to Jiangsu Moen Industrial Co., LTD. We carry out domestic and foreign trade business with quality, service and delivery as the core.

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