Our team

Foreign trade Sales Director:  chieve XU,male ,37 years old, engaged in cold and hot compress industry for 12 years, familiar with the development history of cold and hot compress industry, insight into the future development trend. With strong insight and social responsibility.He lead the team to develop at an annual growth rate of 70%. He is willing to research and develop new products. He always carry out the sales concept of innovation above everything and create Exclusive product types for customers.

Foreign trade Sales Manager:  Achieve XU,male ,Emily Zhang, female, 37 years old, engaged in the cold and hot compress industry for 10 years, with increasing sales performance every year and long-term sales planning, and accurate grasp of professional product information.  Her service tenet is, Do what the customer urgently want, think what the customer think,fulfill what the customer need ,never miss a message from the customer or a phone call.

Foreign trade sales:  Ann Hu ,female, 40 years old, graduated from a bachelor's degree in foreign trade, engaged in foreign trade for a long time, exposed to the cold and hot compress industry for three years, her studious and foreign trade professional attitude brought her extraordinary performance growth, once lasting 10 months to reach the company's sales champion.  Her service aim,to leave all the problems in the factory and deliver high quality products to customers!