Phase change cooling ice collar, PCM solid liquid constant temperature collar, outdoor sports cooling collar

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Product name: PCM Constant temperature centers
Cover: TPU
Inner: PCM
Printing: Custom printing
Size/Weight: “custom size”
Package: OPP bag,Pet box,color box,customized packaging
Packing quantity: 800PCS
Carton size: 43*25*23CM
NW/GW: 10/11KG
processing mode: OEM&ODM
Capacity of production: 100,000 a day
Reference price: 3.5~4.5 $
Delivery time: 15-25days
Sample: Free of charge for existing samples

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Product introduction

External material TPU, environmental soft; PCM: It is a Phase Change Material developed by NASA to protect astronauts from sharp temperature deviations.

This PCM gel freezes faster and lasts longer than traditional hydrogels, providing a constant temperature and comfortable cooling effect!

The melting point of normal ice is 0 ° C, and the melting point of cooling ice tube is 27 ° C, which keeps skin surface temperature within a comfortable temperature range. * The cooling neck tube has the characteristics of high potential heat energy and large amount of heat energy absorption, so that you can keep a longer time of cooling. * Portable and reusable * No batteries or chargers are required and it freezes to use any AC! Automotive air conditioners, office air conditioners, home air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerators, freezers * Maintain solid ice at temperatures below 26 degrees Celsius, both indoors and outdoors * Maintain optimal cooling temperatures without risk of skin necrosis or frostbite

selling point

1: keep at the comfortable temperature of the human body, will not cause ice burns
2:2-3 hours of cool experience that can be recycled, melted uniformly and self-nucleated.
3: The use of new bio-based PCM phase change constant temperature material, low undercooling, temperature of 18℃, 22℃, 28℃, temperature can support customization.
4: Activation is faster and lighter than water.
5: Suitable for all kinds of temperature environment.
6: high strength TPU package, bearing pressure up to more than 200KG.
7: soft ring pad tightly fit, better provide cooling effect.


Do not touch sharp objects, do not touch open flames

PCM cooling apron (1)
PCM cooling apron (3)
PCM cooling apron (1)
PCM cooling apron (4)
PCM cooling apron (2)
PCM cooling apron (5)

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  • Item NO MN-WB120
    Color Customize according to Pantone
    Character Environmental protection, safety, reuse
    Function 28 degrees ice, constant temperature ice
    Style simple
    Processing customized OEM&ODM
    manufacturing technique high frequency
    production control The quality control process
    Trade properties foreign trade
    country of origin China