Product issues and solutions

sealing edge

Sealing edge:
this phenomenon often appears in frosted PVC, due to material characteristics, excessive hot pressing

For this kind of material, the sealing debugging time is doubled, the foot strength control of employees is in place, and the inspection frequency of quality inspection is increased.

The trimming is not smooth

Uneven edge repair:
because the seal is cut manually by employees, uneven sealing or unfamiliar staff skills will lead to uneven edge repair

All the employees of the company implement special personnel to do special work, strict quality control, special inspection before packaging.

G problem

Gram weight problem:
filling machine problem, general liquid product error 5G, bead product error 10G

The filling machine is regularly corrected and each filling product is weighed.

Volatilization of internal material

Volatilization of internal material:
the air permeability of external material itself leads to volatilization of internal material, reducing the weight of grams. TPU product volatilization is the fastest, EVA is the second, PVC relative volatilization is the slowest (one square day can volatilize 4G). If OPP bag, PE bag packaging is a good sealing bag.

Color Problem

Color Problem:
divided into printing color: screen printing ink toning several times toning proportion slightly different will lead to printing color, UV printing machine failure will lead to printing problems, PVC transparency will also cause printing color

screen printing process needs several times of color, each time will do the first sample comparison; UV machine regular inspection, quality inspection process to strengthen the inspection, raw material customization in strict accordance with the same batch of the same color management.

Color difference of inner material

Color difference of inner material:
there are two reasons for the color difference: the first sample will turn yellow after a long time, which leads to bad ingredients for the bulk goods and visual color difference of the matched products, so it is necessary to send the signed sample again before reproduction.

the same batch of internal materials, due to improper operation of the staff, resulting in different ingredients, this solution to strengthen quality inspection.


forming and sealing is not strong resulting in product leakage: solution: first get the abrasive must be debugged and then proofing or production of large goods; Half an hour sampling inspection in the molding process, general filling pressure test and air gun blowing; Filling is also half an hour spot check, pressure test; The packing table has manual inspection.


no preservative or light measurement of preservatives

our factory did not appear such problems, we have their own special mildew inspection system!