Water absorbent ankle stick cold and hot compress multiple parts of PVC plush cloth ice bag

Short Description:

Product name: Cold and hot compress ankle 2
Material: PVC+ crystal super soft
Material: pure water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxyethanol
Printing: customizable
Size – gram weight: 23* 16.5cm, 165G
Packing method: conventional OPP bag
Packing quantity: 50PCS
Outer box size: 43*25*23CM
Gross net weight of carton: 9.5/10.5kg
Processing mode: OEM&ODM
Production capacity: 60 million pieces/day
Minimum order quantity: 500PCS
Price range: $0.58- $0.88
Delivery cycle: 15-25 days
Proofing fee: Free of charge

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Product Description

Material: exterior: PVC+ plush cloth Interior: gel beads
Color: Custom color
Packaging: color box /PVC box or OEM packaging /OPP bag /PVC bag, etc.
Function: Exercise ankle sprain ice compress relieve swelling heat compress relieve body parts pain
Features: small size, light weight and easy to carry

Product introduction

After 120 kg pressure test, the ankle protection cold and hot bag is not broken and leakage, environmental protection PVC material, strong sealing, leakproof. Front can be customized LOGO, pattern design. Back crystal short plush, formaldehyde-free, can be used on both sides. A strong and reliable knit elastic band, flexible to adjust, elastic, can be used many times. Suitable size, can be applied to any part of the body, relieve discomfort.

Put the product into the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes, take the product out and use it after reaching the comfortable temperature.

Heat the product in microwave oven (medium heat) for 15 seconds. If it is not hot, the heating time can be extended, but it can not be set for 1-2 minutes at a time. It can be adjusted appropriately due to different power of microwave oven. But the heating time should not be too long, so as not to damage the goods.

Selling points

The four seasons can be used simply and repeatedly

Ankle ice packs (1)
Ankle ice packs (3)
Ankle ice packs (2)
Ankle ice packs (5)
Ankle ice packs (4)
Ankle ice packs (6)

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  • Item no  MN – HH165
    Color  can be customized according to pantone color number
    Features  hot and cold, soft and safe
    Functions  physical cooling, hot compress physiotherapy, pain relief, swelling and pain relief
    Style  Simple
    Processing custom  OEM&ODM
    Production process  high frequency hot pressing
    Production control  quality control process
    Trade attribute  foreign trade
    Origin  China