Our Services

Pre-sales: provide customers with detailed product information and alternative options for customers' reference.For customized products, all the problems affecting price and quality will be solved in advance.Reasonable price and professional service can relieve all worries.

In sale: after the contract is signed, we shall carry out the corresponding work according to the contract and the customer's needs. In case of any problems in the actual operation, we shall timely make interactive feedback rectification to ensure the completion of cooperation within the specified time.  The products in the development of each step to timely feedback, invited guests to review, to ensure that the products are needed by customers, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes, strictly implement the contract signed by both parties, grasp the delivery date, do not delay, no abnormality.
In terms of product production, we should try our best to meet the needs of customers, and timely feed back the solutions that cannot be realized in the practical operation of work to customers.
Establish a good and stable supply relationship with customers, find common points and common value pursuit to ensure future cooperation.

After sales :  tracking logistics in real time to ensure goods arrive at customers on time.  When customers find problems in the sales process, the salesman should respond immediately and solve them immediately.  Timely provide customers with the company's new products, old customers can free proofing.