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Product Name:Rectangular hot and cold pack
Outside Material:polyester PVC composite cloth
inner material:Gel CMC
Printing: “silk screen/uvprinting”
Size: 23*13cm/13.2*10cm/12.7*12.7cm/20*15cm
Weight: 250g/95g/115g/165g
Color: Custom Colors
carton size: 43*25*23cm
GW/NW: 12/10kg
Price: 0.05-0.65US dollar
Lead Time: 0-500:7days/500-5000:15 days / 5000-50000 25 days
Mold Fee: Order up to 10,000 free
Film Fee:: Order up to 10,000 free

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Cold compress: put it in the cold room for 30-60 minutes or more than 15-30 minutes in the cold room. When not in use, it can also be put in the cold room all the time. Knead it before use and check to ensure that the body feels comfortable.

Hot compress: Soak the product in hot water for 2-3 minutes, take it out and wipe it dry before use.

Matters needing attention:
Human body cold compress and hot compress, can not be used for damaged skin;
Avoid children to use alone, in order to avoid improper operation damage;
If the temperature is too low, please wrap it with a towel.

Hot and cold bags are for external use only. If the contents come into contact with eyes or skin, wash thoroughly with water. In case of accidental ingestion, drink plenty of water and try to spit it out. Contact a doctor if necessary.

Product Selling Points

1) Soft and comfortable can be folded at will
2) Hot and cold, can be recycled
3) Physical gel is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and reliable for repeated use
4) The use of environmental protection ink, no irritation and no harm to the skin: environmental protection ink does not affect human health, not easy to burn, ink stability, bright color

Polyester-spun cold and hot bag (1)
Polyester-spun cold and hot bag (4)
Polyester-spun cold and hot bag (2)
Polyester-spun cold and hot bag (5)
Polyester-spun cold and hot bag (3)
Polyester-spun cold and hot bag (6)

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  •  Style pastoralism
     Function OEM&ODM
     Package OPP bag/color box/PVC folding box/PET box
     packing quantity 40
    Trade Properties foreign trade
      Processing Method OEM&ODM
    Production Capacity 120000/day
    Production Control Control production process based on quality and delivery date
     Item No NY-CH001