Nursing ice pack Cold and hot pack ankle, arm and leg ice pack can be frozen in refrigerator and heated in microwave oven

Short Description:

Name: Cold and hot compress for ankle protection
Material: PVC+ crystal super soft cloth
Material: pure water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate
Printing: customizable
Size – weight: 24*17CM, 150G
Packing method: conventional OPP bag
Packing quantity: 60PCS
Outer box size: 43*25*23CM
Gross net weight of carton: 9.5/10.5kg
Processing mode: OEM&ODM
Production capacity: 50 million pieces/day
Minimum order quantity: 500PCS
Price range: $0.45 to $0.75
Delivery cycle: 15-25 days
Proofing fee: Free of charge

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product description

This ankle patch can be used for wrist, elbow, ankle, knee and other parts of the ice hot compress has different effects, suitable for all ages, crystal super soft plush cloth mild touch, protect the skin, built-in gel beads cold hot compress repeatedly used alternately.
Elastic elastic bands fit in all dimensions.
The color series can also be customized.
Water absorption beads chemical name for sodium polyacrylate, can play a role in local contact position massage, also called massage ice beads
Cold and hot compress it can cause local capillaries to contract. It can dissipate heat, cool down, relieve pain and prevent swelling
Hot compress therapy it can make local capillary dilate, blood circulation acceleration, to reduce pain, eliminate fatigue

Product selling point

1. Heavy ankle load during exercise is at risk of injury. After exercise, wear ankle patch for cold/hot compress, which helps to recover the body function quickly.

2. Injuries (sprains, swelling... ..) Ankle patches can help relieve pain, ease injuries and facilitate subsequent treatment

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  • Item no  MN – HH150
    Color  can be customized according to pantone color number
    Features  hot and cold, soft and safe
    Functions  physical cooling, hot compress physiotherapy, relieve pain
    Style  Simple
    Processing custom  OEM&ODM
    Production process  hot pressing + sewing
    Production control  quality control process
    Trade attribute  foreign trade original order
    Origin  China